I happen to be looking to do several things to improve blog commenting about this blog in the last several months, some worked and a few didn’t work. One thing that proved helpful personally was to do various things to make my blog build a bit of a personality.That might sound as being a weird thing, all things considered blogs usually are not humans or animals, however it might help if one makes a couple of changes to your blog changes that may usually a number of minutes which enable it to transform.


1. Write an About Me Page & Include A Picture.

Your About Me page is an important page to have on your own blog. Way too many people just leave the default blurb that comes with that page this also is wrong. Lots of people will look at this page to find out about you and also why they must be reading your blog and taking your advice. It’s the places you use to trade yourself to your readers and visitors. And if you add a picture of yourself to this article then that’s better yet as they are able put a face for the writing.


2. Don’t Be Afraid To Publish Personal Opinions.

You don’t need to write your whole blog in a very third person style. A quick read of this blog will demonstrate that I often publish posts offering my personal thoughts inside them and personal opinions on various companies and products. This helps your potential customers help you as being a human and not simply another cookie-cutter blogger or, worse, a bot.


3. Treat Your Commentators like Friends.

When I say treat your commentators like friends I don’t mean head out drinking with them over a Friday night or invite them round for dinner over a Sunday afternoon. When someone leaves a comment on your own blog, they’ve taken some time out of their day to achieve this along with the least you can do is take enough time to leave an agreeable reply it doesn’t appear to be it’s an automated response.


4. Turn Avatar Display On.

I love this little feature. It is the feature you enable within the admin panel in order that when folks leave a comment there is a little image that appears next to their name. They can add their very own image or perhaps a default an example may be used. This is an excellent way to get you and also your brand some exposure because you will find there’s 99% chance that you leave comments on other blogs and they’re going to all utilize same picture of you. I have not changed my picture in ages because individuals associate my picture with this blog. These were just a couple of ways, perhaps you can imagine yet another way that I have omitted through the list? Why not drop me a comment and tell me?