Every business needs a website with quality content that is unique and fresh to draw loads of traffic to it. While writers can provide great content, oftentimes, this is not enough. You need to learn how to craft articles that search engines love in order to rank well using techniques of an article marketing expert. If you get this right, you, too, can make a business out of it and earn money from it.

Having great content is a good starting point but a website needs much more than that to boost search rankings, catch the eye of Internet users and eventually bring them all to a site.
If you can master the technique for doing this consistently, you can position yourself as an article marketing expert and earn from it.

What you will need
Writing skillsArticle writing for the Internet is different from journalistic writing. An article marketing expert will still need to observe basic grammar rules and add to his skills set the following techniques:
*keyword research
*proper use and placement of keywords
*leveraging or re-purposing great articles
*search engine optimizationKeyword researchKeywords are what people provide search engines to find what they need online. Search engine robots or programs continuously roam around the Internet viewing pages and capturing content which contain keywords and rank these accordingly.

The primary goal is to get to the top of search rankings because Internet users generally don’t read beyond the 3rd or 4th pages of search engine results.

Knowing what keywords to use in an article is, therefore, important for SEO purposes. There are tools for keyword research and writing techniques regarding keywords as well.

Versatile ArticlesProducing unique, useful and fresh articles regularly for a number of sites is another way to drive traffic to a website, but it can also be the most challenging task for any writer.
Fortunately, if you start with a quality article you can repurpose it into video and MP3 audio to add variety to your website.

Article distributionArticle directories are available to help you blast your articles to a massive audience.
A combination of these methods will make a huge difference to any website because these produce not just one or two, but multiple traffic streams!

You can take your passion for writing and combine it with special techniques that you can learn from an effective SEO content coach, to become an article marketing expert.