So now you might have created a Facebook page on your business; you have invited friends and family to like your page and you’ve got acquired a whopping 30 ‘likes’. But now what? How do you get more people to like your page, preferably people who are not already friends and family and understand what you need to do anyway? How do you spread the phrase and acquire your pie with the 500 million users list on Facebook.

Here are 7 tested methods to improve your ‘fan base’, your brand awareness and ultimately your profit. Please note, for your simplicity the author has utilized the outdated term ‘fans’ instead in the correct term ‘likes’ for many that follow your page on Facebook.

1. Suggest your page to your mates and get the crooks to suggest it with their friends
Yes, you’ve already done that but what keeps from suggesting it for many years again? Some could have not seen the invitation. Some might didn’t know very well what that page was exactly about knowning that it was you being behind the organization. It is also best if you not just simply hit the ‘suggest to friends’ button but to compose an individual message to every of your friends. While you’re about it, ask the crooks to suggest the page on to their friends. Don’t expect them to make this happen anyway, they don’t get it done. Directly ask the crooks to do so and provide your page the opportunity go viral.

2. Create valuable content
Having a Facebook page for your business just for the sake of getting one (because all of your competitors have one and all your online marketing experts let you know to do so) and then not deploying it, won’t makes sense at all at all. It’s like having an outdoor BBQ rather than using it – a complete waste of time and expense. Give those who as if your page on Facebook an excuse to keep on following you. Give them valuable information that can help them grow their business, tell them about news when you announce the crooks to the public, offer them Facebook only specials, etc. This will also make it easier for these to suggest your page on with their friends.

3. Include the link to your Facebook page on your website as well as in your email signature.
Or even go a stride further and can include them on the business card, your flyers, and then for any other promotional material you’ve got. Make it pretty simple for website visitors to connect along on Facebook.

4. Engage your ‘fan base’ with your posts.
Avoid talking about yourself as well as your products but try to determine more about your fans. Ask them questions and get numerous comments as you possibly can. Try to establish you page like a place where those with the same interests celebration and exchange their ideas and experiences. Move your page from as being a promotional tool in which you blurb about your products with a connection tool you donate in your fans. And do not expect the crooks to thanks when you purchase your products immediately. This will follow eventually for a lot of these.

5. Search for related pages on Facebook.
Let’s say you are a photographer; look for related pages on Facebook, like beauticians or wedding planners. Like those pages, leave your comments there; connect to them and ultimately fans of people pages will click through for a page as well.

6. Link Facebook in your blog.
If you have a company blog, this ought to be easy to suit your needs. Keep on writing interesting websites you need to include Social Media sharing buttons. These way individuals will manage to share your site content and your blog on Facebook. Make sure you add a call to action to check out your Facebook page on the blog.

7. Advertise on Facebook.
You can raise your ‘fan base’ by advertising your page with Facebook Ads. Create an ad geared towards your target group and run it for a while. And do not forget to measure your results.

8. Repeat all with the above every once in awhile try to track your time and energy.
Keep a file where you track your metrics compared to actions consumed order to discover what worked and stuff like that. After all, Facebook is simply another advertising tool and marketing is information on testing and measuring.