In a current survey accomplished on 2000 mobile phone users, it was identified that Britons are doubly planning to use their mobile phones to look at internet, than to make a call. In fact making a call was only 5th listed, following behind browsing the internet, accessing social networks, hearing music and doing offers. Based on this evidence it can be clear to see that cell phone usage is evolving rapidly.

What Does This Tell Us?

Based on figures published by Canalys during the last quarter of 2011, smart phones out sold pcs initially ever using a whopping 158.5 million smart phone’s sold compared to 120.2m pc’s, thus showing consumers ever growing appetite for using mobile web. Indeed mobiles are even fast replacing everyday stuffs like alarm clocks and video games consoles even as use them for more and more things.

Due to your fixation of constantly carrying our mobile phone around, it is predicted that searches via mobile web and aps for retail services will grow by the whopping 80% year on year. With this in mind it can be straightforward that using mobile in local company marketing is essential. Therefore most local businesses should be using mobile.


Despite the fact 9 beyond 10 texts are opened compared to merely one or 2 emails, figures advice that just one in 10 retail services use mobile marketing included in their marketing plan. This means that new prospects using mobile web find services and goods will not find those local businesses, leading to more business savvy competitors obtaining the business instead.

How Can You Benefit From Helping Local Businesses?

The rising availability of mobile web usage now offers individuals an extremely lucrative chance to create a personal income from your own home. Most local company marketing owners will welcome tips on how you can increase sales and slash their marketing costs and will happily spend on the service.

What local businesses may need using mobile marketing?

Just consider your own local town centre as well as the offline companies that may need the services you receive;

  • Dentists and doctors could send out appointment reminders to prevent the costly broken appointments.
  • Florists could remind husbands of important anniversaries.
  • Beauty salons could text promotions.
  • Car salesrooms could lure passersby with Bluetooth.
  • Restaurants could fill empty tables with very last minute offers.

The possibilities just go so on

After all most businesses want more customers, Introducing the crooks to mobile marketing is not going to only help the crooks to target new clients and improve sales but will also enable you to make a great income by charging a fee of & Acirc pound 50 an hour or so upwards. The more successful you feel greater clients you’ll be able to battle and the more income you will make along the way.


All in all of we have been on the early beginning of a massive phenomenon as mobile web plays a better role within our lives. Mobile marketing will offer individuals an effective way of earning money from home through providing your small business advertising tool to local business owners that is guaranteed to reduce marketing costs and increase sales making it victory, win solution in case you reap the rewards early.