Many Internet marketers fail online because they try to sell their products to individuals. In fact, they scream at people, so when returning, they just don’t make any sales. It really should not be that way.

In fact, there is a better way. To make money on the Internet, you shouldn’t commence with a product or service. You need to commence with people first.

Let me explain in 7 simple actions.

1. Brainstorm
You need to think about a potential profitable niche. As I said earlier, you are not contemplating something yet. Right now, all you need is to think about potential market. For instance, you can choose cat training, golf clubs or perhaps Internet marketing to start with.

2. Find out the amount of searches
Once you grabbed any market, you have to validate your idea to see if individuals are actually doing a search online. This is important because in a few market, people may purchase only offline. And since you’re going to promote exclusively online, you need to know if they’re trying to find info on the Internet.

3. Find out where they hang out
Once you have your niche and are aware that they’re actively searching for your topic online, you’ll want to know wherever to find these people on the internet. Are they in forums? Are they in social marketing sites? Are they on ebay? It’s important because you will advertise your offer directly where they spend time. If these are not hanging out on forums, you will not advertise there.

4. Find out if they buy
Once you know where they spend the majority of their online time, you should know if they are actually buying. If yes, how much do they spend on average?

5. Check your competitors
This is an essantial area of the whole process, so don’t rush it. You are going to analyse competition to determine what these are successful, and do you know the stuff that you’ll be able to improve.

6. Ask them whatever they want
This is the best method to produce sales: ask your prospect the things they want to get.

7. Start promoting
If you completed each of the steps above, you’ll make lots of sales.