Decision Making is an essential process for all organization and making right decisions are more crucial. A logical and systematic way of decision making can help to address critical problems of business more precisely. There are various types of business decision to take; no matter if you are operating your business online or offline or both.

So let’s start with the key question that How you can use analytics for taking business decisions.
Nowadays the web has become an important vehicle to drive business effectively. It is so powerful that can attract millions of customers with proper marketing campaign and communication. You can get all these but only if you have few answers about your web presence.

Like: What is the ROI of your investment in marketing campaigns? What and how they are interacting with your website? Are you delivering the same what your customers ask? All these questions are so important to answer for business growth and the solution for all this question is web analysis.
Web-Analytics helps to analyze data from web and use those data for future business decisions.
So let’s discuss how Web-Analytics helps to take business decisions at all levels of organization.

Web-Analytics for Operational Decisions: Most of short term business decisions are taken by operational people and it can answer those operational questions very well.

Few questions which are answered by Web Analytics for OperationalDecisions are:

To check what products are more in demand? Whether website navigation is smooth or not for novice customer shopping online? Which keywords sending more visitors?
Web Analytics for Tactical Decisions. These are medium-term decisions about how to implement particular strategy. Mostly data for tactical decisions comes from operation department.
Few questions which are answered for Tactical Decisions are:

What kind of marketing campaign to have? On the basis of all different matrices from web analysis like bounce rate, time spend, visits what products can be more profitable in future? What additional steps should be taken so that customer has better experience?

Web-Analytics for Strategic Decisions: These affect the long-term direction of the business. Strategic Decisions are mostly taken by top management.

Few questions which are answered by Web-Analytics for Strategic Decisions are:

Using all data from past campaigns and by comparing and merging those data, deciding future strategy for online marketing campaigns Any big changes to do in web site or web portal

In this way that will can help all type of business decisions at each level of business starting from operational, managerial and strategically. However it’s so huge too so it all depends on how effectively you can use web-analytics for better decision making.