A SEO campaign can be a long drawn affair with many ups and downs. Depending on the keywords, a SEO campaign can take anywhere from 6-12 months of continuous and consistent SEO to achieve top page rankings. It can be quite a frustrating journey for a client. A client often views Google ranks like a stock market which goes oscillates by few points everyday. Such clients put a lot of stress not only on themselves but also the SEO Company. What they forget or don’t know is that stable rankings take time to achieve and it’s not in the hands of the SEO Company but Google’s. During a SEO campaign rankings and traffic often vary a great deal owing to many factors. As a Link Building Company, one has to analyze the problems and rectify any mistakes promptly. Once in a while you may also have to change the SEO campaign drastically. It’s very important that the Website Promotion Company critically analyzes all its activities and results. The client company on its part should also trust the SEO Company and give it a reasonable amount of time to show the results. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day!

SEO is a complex business in which many variables have to be taken in to account and a search engine optimization company should avoid complacency. To have a successful SEO campaign the below mentioned steps can be thought of as mantra for SEO success.

Dominate Search Engine Rankings: The goal for any SEO campaign should be to dominate for many keywords and not just one main keyword. You should dominate the subject, the location. Apart from increased traffic, it will also establish your authority on the subject matter.

Good Content: Just dominating Google results and getting traffic is only the half battle won. Without relevant and useful content, a user will have nothing to do on the site. If you are selling products, make sure you have the products in your store.

Design: Design just doesn’t mean looks of a website but also usability of the site. Can a user easily navigate the site? Can he easily find the content, services and products he is looking for? Design the website from a user’s point of view and address all concerns.

Accuracy: A site should have the least possible number of errors. Be it grammatical errors, or dead links or some programming errors. It sends out wrong signals to every visitor. Your brand can be tarnished.
Author: Donna Nocero