There are lots of online business possibilities to be found on the net but you won’t end up finding one where one can start generating an income without having an internet site, a product or service of your family to sell, or with out a directory of interested people to trade a product or service to and with out to embark on any marketing of any sort. However, there’s this type of business, it’s name is Joint Venture Brokering. It works this way: you search the net in order to find something or service. You then look for a marketer who wants to market that product; squeeze two parties together for a commission, consequently money from your brokering in the deal. That’s it in summary!

In order to get started on this business, you need to make a decision what division of business you would want to broker for. It may be a subject you have a little understanding of, or that you simply are enthusiastic about.

What sports or pastimes do you follow?

Think of all the so-called things you have done in your life, your work, hobbies and the places you are to.

Sit down and make a list of them.

Once you might have decided on a subject matter, you begin researching online and directories, Google, Yahoo and the like. You are looking for websites that offer products and services you would like to promote and which have a two-tier affiliate marketing program.

What is an affiliate you might ask?

An affiliate is someone who registers becoming a kind of sales agent for a provider of goods/services, whereby they earn commission around the amount of users they refer and convert.

What is two-tier affiliate? You may then ask.

A two-tier affiliate product is another kind of affiliate program. This term might seem a little complicated, however it isn’t.

If you join an average one-tier affiliate network you might be then capable of promote the products of the seller you’re affiliated to to make commission on the sales. A two-tier program is only the same, with the exception that you are capable of appoint an extra affiliate under yourself. The sales manufactured by that second affiliate get you commissions too.

Two-tier programs vary greatly. The very best ones present you with marketing materials like articles, ads, email promotions, banners and most of all, a considerable commission which is not below $10 per second tier sale. Most importantly it should have a cookie tracking system

Why? The reason is this: There will be instances when the marketers you try to broker handles don’t actually subscribe about the day you are making contact with them, but do this a while afterwards. Providing the seller includes a cookie tracking system, you will still get credit for the sales they subsequently make.

First of most, you need to make a list of product sellers within your chosen niche. You do so by using this process:

1 Using search engines and directories, find as much domains offering products with your chosen market who have 2two-tier affiliate marketing programs as you can. List them on a word document. These are your sellers.

2. Again using search engines and directories as before, congratulations, you seek out ezine owners within in your niche market that have mailing lists to advertise to. These are the marketers who will be able to promote the sellers products to their opted-in lists of members.

3. One by one, approach each in the marketers therefore and give them the opportunity enhance their earnings by enrolling as another tier affiliate and promoting the sellers products for their set of members. Once they sign up, your projects achievable deal is fully gone. You will have made a stream of greenbacks which will continue as long as that marketer keeps getting sales.

You then embark on brokering more deals, utilizing the same method. This way you will be in a position to continue creating multiple streams of income on your own.

Think over it! It’s a win-win situation for many concerned. The sellers decide to make money, the marketers are earning money and you have created income streams that could provide lots of money of dollars by yourself that will carry on for a long, very long time.

As stated at the outset of this article, you may then offer an online business with out your personal product, without having an inventory and without the need to go marketing yourself.