Far lots of Internet marketers concentrate on building sites for your sole intent behind earning profits from them. Do not get me wrong! You and I both have to eat. We have to have sites producing income or we are forever stuck inside have-to-go-to-work-Monday-morning rut.

But wait. What I mean is that a lot of marketers focus on money alone; how much, how quick, learning to make more, etc. Hey, I have plenty of little sites prefer that. For example I have a little AdSense site about “finding lost people”. Honestly, I have to be honest is really fluff material. However, it will earn $200 to $300 30 days.

Now ask me if I am pleased with that website. Well I guess a little bit since it lets you do provide my gas money each month. But ask me when it is whatever site I exhibit to friends and , it’s not at all.

Too many marketers have nothing but sites that way. They never develop any particular one site they are really excited about. They never take time to work with a site that could give them real satisfaction. One of my customers just sent me a url to his new site about handheld remote control airplanes. This is not a fluff site. You can tell that is his passion! You get the impression which he eats sleeps and breaths that stuff!

Every Internet marketer needs no less than one site that way. Every marketer needs the main one site they are able to really examine with pride.

Make it a longer term project about something you’re excited about. For get about simply how much or how little it will earn in AdSense. Pick a location which will let the site to grow large. Make it something you’ll be proud of. If you have nothing prefer that under construction, you happen to be passing up on some real feelings of fulfillment.

And this is actually the thing:

A site you’re excited about is likely to become an expert site in the area someday. None of my or maybe your little AdSense sites will ever be a specialist site.

Oh, yet another thing, only a web site you choose to create for your passion will work effectively for seo. Success with a list requires building relationships; it really is pretty hard to do by investing in fluff AdSense sites!

Imagine the satisfaction my customer can have at some point since it ranks #1 for your large niche of RC airplanes! Now imagine the income potential an authority site like that would’ve. See, an Internet marketer may have his / her cake and eat it too!