Having a website is not good til you have website visitors to read about your business. It’s like having a highly designed, well written and well bound book safely tucked away in a very drawer, hidden from others eyes.

According to statistics, 85% in the traffic on the internet visits websites through major search engines like google; Google, Yahoo and MSN, 75% of that comes from the top ten listings on his or her first page and also the amount of internet surfers in year 2008 has increased with a staggering 1,463 million people.

Search Engine Optimization plays the role of your link between your desired audience.

If you’re contemplating putting your business online or wondering why your existing website isn’t getting business, understanding about SEO is a good option. Search Engine Optimization is really a procedure that is used to develop or modify an online site in order that it will likely be found and read by search engines like google. Search engine optimization affects only search engines results, not sponsored results for example Google AdWords.

Following are a few things that could modify the search engine position of your respective website.

1. Body Copy
The text on your website should be accurate and relevant to your profession. The search engines appraise the keyword density of one’s websites content to exhibit the most relevant cause their visitor.

2. Meta tags
The most critical of the Meta tags will be the Keyword and Description tag. These tags help search engine position your website under the right category.

3. Title, Header and ALT tags
Title Tag must be a quick logical description of your web site. Search engines value the language in your title tag. Adding ALT tags to images helps the search engine see the image in words which is great for the keyword density of the website.

4. Keyword weight
Generally, the keyword weight has to be 8% in the total website content. Although different engines like google have different preferences about how many times the keyword must show on the website, it is important web sites success. You must ensure to not over-use the keywords or it might be considered keyword spamming and search engines like yahoo with disregard their usage and omit your site from results.

5. Inbound Links
Search engines give great value to the number and quality from the links pointing to your site. These are called one way links. The page ranking of internet sites linking to your website is additionally given importance. The authenticity of one’s website is sealed if the linking website is a high-ranking website.

6. Anchor Text
Anchor text will be the visible text associated with a hyperlink. It is advisable to choose words descriptive of the page content. E.g. avoid “Click here” as keywords, instead aim for concise text like, “Top ten Movies” for a page containing a list of top 10 movies.

7. URL Structure
Descriptive folder and file names assist the search engines like google decide this is what they’re looking for. There are ways to simplify backlinks for search engines even if you are owning a Content Management System on your website.

While all these practices will assist you to win an excellent ranking on the search engines like yahoo, no doubt that it really is achieved in a period of time. However, to speed the process you can use blogs and social networking sites to talk about your small business and projects.

Search Engine Optimization continues to be evolving along with the best practices and methods of SEO keep changing every so often. Google and also other search engines like yahoo keep changing their regulations while they evolve. Your safest bet would be contacting an SEO company that has a good reputation for having websites indexed in the search engines like yahoo and aiding them in receiving the ranking they deserve.