It seems like the word on the Internet Marketing Street is starting to be “video is on its way out… ”
What? How could that be? With more integration with TV through things like YouTube built in to TVs and set top boxes, the proliferation of broadband, and phones capable of video… Well, that Internet Marketing Street is full of… get rich quick schemers and scammers – snake oil salesmen – and they are all crying about how it has gotten harder to get the instant search engine boost just by uploading just about any video to YouTube. You can still get the boost, you just have to work a little harder and provide quality content – just like you should in all forms of internet marketing.

Much like every other form of online marketing, internet video will soon be overrun and abused by spammers who will use things like Geyser to assemble video spam: little worth to the user and hardly relevant to what they are trying to sell. Whether using traffic geyser or not, there will be people who will abuse YouTube and other video sites to the point that it it will be hard to find videos with good quality due to all the spam, which can kill it as a marketing tool.

It like the way search engine optimization has changed. SEO used to mean things like making sure the structure and navigation of a site was user friendly, efficient in size and speed, and making sure your title matched your message. It still is all that, but the term has been hijacked by “internet marketers” who can’t seem to figure out how to market anything more than information about “internet marketing”. It is now similar to the work at home scams in which you purchase a report on how to sell the same report to other people. This kind of thing has been the way it happens on the internet – good ideas get exploited to the point where they are no longer “easy” – direct email marketing, simple websites, blogs, twitter… have all been wisely used at first then abused to the point of being no longer useful. Yet when done properly, even email marketing still works – as long as the content is appropriate and useful to the recipient. Give the people something useful, informative, or entertaining and you WILL succeed!

Internet marketing with video isn’t going away, it is right where it should be… at the top of the list with those who create good quality videos with engaging subject matter.