Every business in our marketplace requires a social media presence to keep competitive. This includes the original, brick-and-mortar types of businesses, naturally, but social media marketing marketing is much more important to online businesses as their entire presence is, in the end, web-based. List building on Facebook is but one quite effective social media marketing marketing strategy that could boost a business’s sales practically overnight when done right. But “correctly” is the key word here. Many businesses forget that this nature of social websites is, well, social, and for that reason your business must be social, at the same time. In other words, all work without play makes your Facebook page a dull place. Let me explain precisely what I mean.
While you could have some success using your Facebook page by strictly posting about business related topics, it’s often hard to maintain the attention of your fan base, which can be essential to maintaining subscribers also as to converting these to actual, paying customers. The good news is that fun and profit go hand in hand on Facebook, which means you stand to benefit two ways by approaching this social media marketing platform correctly.

One with the questions I get asked frequently about Facebook is, “But isn’t my business page supposed to give attention to my company?” Well, obviously it is, but there’s a fine line between making your group of fans know, like and trust you together with which makes them seem like you might be a car salesman. Here’s the gap:

If you should only post about business matters, i.e. your product or service, services, promotions, customer testimonials, etc., seo on Facebook will end up considerably more difficult as the fan base starts to feel “marketed to.” It’s a well-known fact within the marketing and sales field that consumers don’t want to be “sold.” They like to create decisions about who to work with independently, and they make those decisions according to several factors beyond your an entire world of a certain business’s product range and services. They make those decisions using a high level of emotional influence, also.

If your posts are helpful, on the other hand, or entertaining, your group of fans may well be more inclined to see them; more inclined to care whatever you need to say. These components of content could be industry-related, even SEO’d, nevertheless they must provide an unspoken value to your readers. This has the effect of making a sense loyalty among your fan base, which is going to generate list building on Facebook a lot easier for a few reasons. Not only will readers be more likely to subscribe, however they’ll also be a little more likely to share your site content along with your page with their friends, helping you grow your list faster – and with zero effort beyond posting on your company page.

Is your business on Facebook? Connect with me and make me aware how I will help you to enhance your organization presence at this powerful social networking platform.