There a wide range of methods to make money from mini sites. Mini Site for a general definition usually means a really small site with just a few pages (3 to 10).

However today I am solely centering on selling a single product. This can be an e-book, software application, a site or perhaps simply optimization.

The Most Important Factor!

The main thrust of the highly profitable mini site is in the planning.

Once it has been achieved “you must see through on the end your action and marketing plan/system.”

With a bit testing, editing and site marketing, we will have his book selling 500 to 1000% more copies within a month or so.

So don’t get for the 80% point of you’re working after which quit.

Do much more testing, make a better linking campaign, write that pop-up course, launch that website article, find more information, get your sales copy well-written, have your e-book edited by an authority, get help in order to.

Plan to Succeed and Succeed by Finishing!

Simple & quick ways to ascertain if need for your product or service is present before taking steps to generate it.

1. Use Iceboat & Word Tracker to research keywords and have a perception of competition.

2. After choosing your keyword/s, perform a search on Google to see the amount of adwords (right hand side with the screen) advertisements appear.

3. Set up your own free Adwords account and find out what amounts are being bid for the given keyword.

The next few tasks also help with the above mentioned but it really can help you decide whether it comes with an exact need for your individual product.

1. Do a search for keywords and phrases on Overture Under the top google click sponsored linking after which go through the view bids tool.

This will provide you with the of most bids. In general a higher price implies that there exists much competition and demand for that keyword and product.

2. Start communicating with them on forums associated with your organization and product. Does anyone own similar products, that which was good regarding the product or bad, improvements that is made and the like.

3. Get a survey done.

Marketing Your Mini Site

On with the best approaches to market your personal strategy is by having an affiliate product. You can have hundreds if not many people advertising your products or services everywhere in the net for free.

Planning & Your Budget

After completing your quest you should plan you whole business campaign and prepare and research a low cost.

What will you do yourself and what will you outsource Items to think about are:

Web Design
Sales Copy
Affiliate Setup
Accepting Payments
Download Area (If an online product)
Marketing & Web Traffic

If you’re a small business much of this can be remedied with a staff member to setup or organize. If a solopreneur exactly the same is possible.

Sales copy a thing of warning!

If you have no sales copy experience, you are going to improve with time spent online.

Even so, although I have many years of experience I still outsource my major copywriting material needs. Copy writing can be a highly acquired skill and even though good copy will make you a lot of cash, bad copy will.

So important thing. If you don’t have any skill in copywriting, outsource it.